Monday, 17 June 2013

The Hangover: A Post Father's Day uh, post.

Most people say you become a father when your child is born. I think it happens much earlier than that. About 9 months earlier. Give or take. Your baby may still be in her mother's womb but make no mistake, that's your baby. (unless it isn't! oh shi shi!) And you're her dad.

So here's to all expectant fathers. Your journey has already begun. You're already starting to care for her by caring for her mom. And you're doing fine. And everything's gonna be alright.

And by the way I wrote something for Rappler (boom!)

It's called "There's a father in here somewhere."

Say goodbye to the lives you once knew. Say goodbye to your xboxes and playstations. (never!) Your free Sunday afternoons of doing nothing. Your impulse weekend out-of-towns. Your new 20 inch mags. (or whatever it is you're into.) Say goodbye to your side of the bed. (hello floor.) And on that note, say goodbye to your 8 hours a night.

You're dads now. Suck it.

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