Wednesday, 26 June 2013

In Octopi Sea

So in case you guys missed the big banner there on the side of my site, I am part of the SoMoms and my penis has never felt more alone in its life.

Not that, you know, my penis wants to be around other penises. (plural: penisi?)

Side note: I mean, you don’t call many octopus, octopussies. You call them octopi. Although a quick check tells me I’m wrong, it’s actually octopuses. But sometimes I don’t mind being wrong. Especially if you end up with more pussi.

The SoMoms (flawless transition) are a group of mommy (and a lone daddy) bloggers who are regular people just like you. We have day jobs, we have businesses, we have children. And a few weeks ago, we all got together for the first time at Wine Bar 1771 in El Pueblo to get to know one another beyond what we read in each other’s blogs.

Everyone got a chance to talk about themselves to the group. People shared things that were really important to them and naturally it got emotional. People spoke about the advocacies they championed like breastfeeding and the rights of special needs children. Mothers told stories about their kids with down syndrome and the unique joy they bring. Others showed us their entrepreneurial enterprises, some still in their infancy and some already leading the pack.

But at the heart of everything I heard was always family.

It’s love for family and a desire to connect with others through shared experiences that brings all of us (not just the SoMoms) together. Whether these experiences be similar to our own or completely alien and unknown, it is honest.

And in that honesty, the relative and the absolute, are those truths that I am forever, rabidly, stubbornly searching for.

Thank you to Wine Bar 1771 for hosting the event. They have really good food & wine and really good service. They deserve your patronage. For those that didn’t know, Wine Bar can host your business meetings and parties. Beside it are CafĂ© 1771 for casual dining and Sidebar if you prefer talking really loud with a beer in your hand. They’re all owned by the same group so you can expect the same level of excellence at every establishment.


  1. Think of your self as the lamb of men.
    The ultimate sacrifice..err, wingman!

    "But sometimes I don’t mind being wrong. Especially if you end up with more pussi."

  2. hahaha thanks patty b. and jeanne!

  3. Best So Mom post EVER!!!! So glad the pussi told me to ready your blog.

    1. haha thanks Rone! who's the pussi who told you about the blog?