Monday, 24 June 2013

Not your father's Crayola

One of the remnants of my childhood is Crayola. There was always Crayola in the house, in drawers, in bags, on the floors, on the walls, on tables and chairs, on almost everything. The world was a canvas for my airplanes, rocket ships, cars, kites, cats, robots, and whatever else was tumbling behind my eyes.

It's that kind of creative freedom that I want the boys to have. Free to make a mess. Free to make their stories. Free to play. And since Crayola is 100% nontoxic I'm free to leave them by themselves. And free to xbox my life away bwahahahahahahhaa! (note to wife: I'm kidding! Please put down that hammer.)

It's been years since I picked up a Crayola but the boy and I had a chance to see what's new since last I chewed on one. Apparently, their R&D have been very very busy and we got to see some really cool stuff.

Giant sized crayons for tiny fingers.

Easy to grip and hold.

Arts & crafts time.

Supposedly, a lion. 

There's no right or wrong in the world anymore.

My new favorite. The crayon comes out with a  twist. My broken crayons weep.

More of the Twistables.

They also have pentel pens.

The wonderful Mr. Wood, the man behind Crayola.

Story time with the SoMoms.

You can tell the quality pencil by its smell. 

Even the names have gotten better and more fun!
The boy went nuts.
Super cute toddler markers.

Twistable pencils.

Crayola and T-pencil are brought to us by AMSPEC, who have been making crayons and pencils in the Philippines for 50 years. We were told that they hope to reopen the Crayola making tour in their plant to the public sometime soon. I hope they do!

Thank you to Gymboree for hosting the fun and creative event at Shangri-La  Mall.

This sponsored post is brought to you by the letter Y, and the numbers 2, 5 and 8.

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