Friday, 18 January 2013

Real Estate

Music to me is a big deal. I don’t see it as merely being the soundtrack to life, something that plays in the background, occasionally hitting a crescendo during the milestone moments of our lives. It isn’t merely a way of remembering the past the way a song can make certain memories surface and emotions bubble it’s way back to the top, though it does that very well. It isn’t merely your companion in an otherwise lonely ride home or to school or to work or to wherever it is you’re going or whatever it is you’re running from.


It was my first day at school and I didn’t cry. I know that sounds odd considering I’m a full grown adult and a father but nevertheless it was the truth.

My wife and I planned to have me sit in with my son during one of his days at school, which in truth is really just 2 and a half hours. It’s not even “school” school. More like play school where he can learn how to follow rules and basic things like colors, shapes and numbers. But the main reason why we’re sending our son to school is for him to be able to socialize with other kids and adults not named mom and dad. Also, we were down one yaya.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Self Medication

The wife and I started the new year with a bit of self … help?

It’s funny you know, the term ‘self-help’ is often looked down upon, (at least most guys think so) and the people you catch in the self-help section of the bookstore are perceived as weak or unstable or someone with serious problems. Me too you know, I’ve always been skeptical of people getting inside my head and riding around on the roller coaster of my memories. Myself included. I don’t like rehashing the past. In fact, I’d like to forget it.