Monday, 11 March 2013

Research like a big boy.

We see our pediatrician once a month for baby check-ups and vaccinations. It’s the only time I don’t mind seeing the doctor. I have this unexplainable unnatural fear of doctors. Which is why they can never get an accurate blood pressure reading from me. The thought of an examination gets my heart pumping even if my mind is as quiet as a deserted island. Perhaps because my deserted island is the island in LOST.
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Nobody likes seeing doctors. If you’re seeing a doctor that means there’s something wrong with you. You come in with zero understanding of what’s ailing you and leave with an empty wallet and a bottle full of maintenance meds. And you still don’t understand why you have to take these meds.

Which is why I really like my son’s pedia. She’s not like the doctors I had when I was a kid. She’s super patient and answers all our questions. She’s also young so it’s not intimidating when you feel like you’re asking stupid questions, which I tend to think we do a lot.

Among the stupid questions I tend to ask is “do we really need this?” And this is the thing that I really like about our pedia, she doesn’t force us to do anything we’re not comfortable with. She tells us her thoughts, what she knows about it and her opinions about it. Sometimes I feel that doctors have a tendency to dictate upon us what they think is best when really the decisions still remain the parent’s responsibility.

It’s up to us to seek out information and read up on our kids health and development with the guidance of our doctors. So I’m sharing some useful information about vaccines and pneumococcal disease because this is the internet. It’s where you find things.

This all started with just a little prick.

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