Sunday, 12 October 2014

At the Intersection of Crazy

This year has been and continues to be the strangest of my life. Everything changed. I’m having to relearn how to do things I normally know how to do. Like driving for instance. Imagine moving from a country where you had the most minimum, the barest and not to mention the shadiest of laws to one where laws pretty much dictate every move you make. Thank you Sting.

U-Turns, for example, a very handy driving maneuver, especially when lost or you know, just change your mind and decide to head in the opposite direction, it happens you know, because people change their minds all the time... are against the law. IN ANY SCENARIO. There will never be a time or place in this country when making a U-Turn is acceptable.

My mind just...

I. Can’t.

It makes me think, no matter where you go, no matter how far, no matter how much time you spend sitting in economy where your butt has fallen asleep more times than you, there is and always will be some crazy.

Oh yeah. Crazy’s everywhere.

Because U-Turns are super useful. Oh shit I forgot my important papers, hang on I gotta make a... U-Turn! Oh wait a minute, I’m headed in the wrong direction, I need to make a... U-Turn! Oh look! I’m hungry and there’s Japadog! Let’s make a... U-Turn! Super useful!

RIP U-Turn

But some things are just not meant to be. Everyone, let’s all join hands. Bow our heads as we bid goodbye, say our farewells and auf wiedersehens to our fallen companion in this road we call life. Gone too soon. May our paths meet again and promptly do a 180. You will be missed. Especially when we miss our turn. Or when we try to avoid traffic just beyond the intersection.

So I find myself here in this strange place, filled with all manner of strange beasts and an over abundance of ridiculously healthy food, learning the honest and awful truth that, well, there’s no turning back now.

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