Thursday, 9 May 2013

French designed with chinese roots.

There's something really cool about walking in the shoes of a Kung Fu master. No, I didn't steal the shoes of Bruce Lee but I think I may have something that's close enough.


Kung Fu shoes came flying out of Shanghai in the 1920s. It was light, comfortable and flexible, perfect for martial artists and athletes. Just about everyone had a pair. They called it Feiyue.

Then in 2006, a group of French sneaker enthusiasts fell in love with the shoe and decided the brand deserved to be rediscovered by a new generation. They reinvented it with new materials and new designs while staying true to its chinese roots.

Today, Feiyue has been pushed into some really cool territory with urban artists, rock stars, architects, graphic designers, DJs, filmmakers and fashion icons from all over the world, designing and re-designing Feiyue into a modern interpretation of the classic Kung Fu shoe.

And yes, they make shoes for kids. I may have my very own little 2 year old crouching tiger, hidden dragon.

Cool kids.

Guys can have a shoe fetish too.

I love shoes with a vintage feel.

Retro design made for kids.

These shoes went home with us.

You can see even more pictures I took of the Feiyue store here. Thank you so much to Feiyue for the super cool sneakers for me and the boy. And now that I think about it, these shoes have been kicking ass since the 1920s. Perhaps one day I'll be able to do this in my Feiyues.

Find their stores:
Rustan's outlets in Alabang Town Center, Makati and Shangri-la Edsa

Find them online:
Twitter @feiyuephil
Instagram #feiyuephilippines

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