Thursday, 25 April 2013

Sunshine on my shoulders.

I've been watching this video for the past few days. 1, it's a beautiful song. And 2, it has this magical calming effect on my baby. No matter how hard my baby is crying, I play this video and .... silence. It's like magic.

Listening to it made me think about how amazing it is that the beauty of nature, the beauty of our world can inspire such words and music. Sunshine on my shoulders. Just that feeling. Sometimes it's enough to turn everything around.

But we have to take care of the world around us. It's the world we're leaving behind for our kids. And with each generation we grow closer and closer to becoming a completely environmentally conscious society. We're not there yet though and there's still so much to do before we can even begin to reverse the effects of the technologies and the excesses of the past.

Just to give you an idea, the world right now consumes resources at the rate of 1.5 times that the Earth can provide. We are consuming our natural resources so fast that we need half of another Earth just to keep up.

Another scary thought, a baby consumes about 6-8 disposable diapers a day. It takes each diaper 250+ years to decompose. My sons' nappy will outlive my great grandchildren.

But we can do little things and make smart choices.

We can join environmental groups like WWF-Philippines and participate.

WWF Philippines

We can also live healthier by choosing more sustainable organic food.

Holy Carabao organic products

Organic. Biodynamic. Humane.

100% Farm Fresh Goods
Disposable isn't sustainable. We should think to reuse and lessen our waste.

Re-usable cloth diapers made from natural biodegradable material.
Bamboo Dappy friendly to the Earth.
So I made a pledge.

You can make one too.
Like these guys.
Or you could be like Hindy Weber Tantoco and Jenny Chua who make saving the Earth their business.

Hindy of Holy Carabao and Jenny of Bamboo Dappy.

In the end, it's up to you to decide what kind of world you want to live in and what kind of world you're leaving for your children. One thing I do know, I would want my kids to listen to John Denver and know exactly where his music is coming from. A night in the forest. A country road. Sunshine on my shoulders.

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