Thursday, 11 April 2013

Our kids are a mess.

I came across this article that I found really interesting. Here, go read it. It's true though isn't it? We all want people to see only the best side of us. But who are we kidding? That's not making a real connection to someone if you only show a life that's been edited, photoshopped, and filtered.

We're messy creatures. And you only really get to know someone when you're both in the dirt.

Sometimes I see parents with perfect looking kids. Hair perfectly fixed, shirt tucked in, pants without wrinkles. Preppy little 3 year olds. Cute. Adorable even. But it makes me sad. Because I remember when I was young. I was just like those perfect looking kids. And I was miserable.

I couldn't run because I might sweat and dirty my clothes. I couldn't play because it would mess my hair and scuff my shoes. At parties, I would sit at a table while other kids ran and tripped and fell and screamed and cried and had the time of their lives. Trapped in my preppy clothes and shiny shoes, I couldn't move. I couldn't be a kid.

This is why I really want to support Breeze's campaign to let kids be kids. Getting stains is good. It means, your kids are outside having fun! Not stuck mindless in front of the tv. It means they're free to run and play. They're free to be who they are. They're free to be kids.

I along with other parents were invited by MommyMundo SoMoms together with Breeze to spend a day of yoga and art with our kids at Nuvali.

A mommymundo SoMoms event
my masterpiece yoga
Kids Yoga by My Masterpiece

Cool shot noh?
Even the little ones did yoga.
Our future yoga masters.
Life is art.  Art is messy. And a partridge in a pear tree.

Kids getting messy!

photo courtesy of Lawrence Del Mundo

photo courtesy of Lawrence Del Mundo

photo courtesy of Lawrence Del Mundo

photo courtesy of Lawrence Del Mundo

Those are the faces of fun. Even the parents got into it.

Our work of art!










That day was super fun and my boy was knocked out asleep for the entire car ride home. I'm just so happy that for once a brand like Breeze is being real with me. For once, my values are the same as their values. That it's just not marketing speak, they are doing what they say they believe in. Sige sa mantsa.

They're letting kids be kids. And one dad.

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