Friday, 15 February 2013

Snake Charmer

I found myself surrounded by at least a hundred children shouting "The Gruffalo, the Gruffalo!" Strangely I didn't run. I was glued to my seat as a mouse took a stroll through the deep dark wood.

A production from London's West End.
It was really an excellent show and my 2 year old was thoroughly entertained. The show's about an hour long. Just long enough before my boy's attention span evaporated into a box of animal crackers. 

But I think the most surprising thing about the kiddie play was how funny it was for the adults. Very dry, very tongue in cheek and very brit. Spoiler alert: the snake stole the show. I love him. I want to take him home and dance for me.

The play was performed by three actors playing all the parts in the book. They were amazing. Especially the snake. Go watch if only for the snake! 

It's a small venue which I think made for a better experience. Only about a thousand people per show fit in the Rockwell Tent. By the latter half of the play, my son and I had left our chairs and sat on the carpeted floor near the stage, which I thought was pretty cool and relaxed and just made for such a pleasant atmosphere. 

The stage pre-show. Pre-10,000 Maniacs.

A lot of times, I feel this pressure, especially in our society I think, to ensure that our children behave properly in public. Sometimes that means they don't get to fully experience something and express themselves just because they have to sit quietly in a chair.

It's a good thing this is a show that encourages audience/kiddie participation, how very Fuerza Bruta. Ok, it's not anywhere near like Fuerza Bruta. Because if kids watch that, lsd would not be far behind. But what I will say is that there were fourth walls being broken everywhere.

You know, I think I had more fun than my son did.

Special thanks to mymommyology for taking me us to see The Gruffalo!

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