Tuesday, 19 February 2013

I am craze.

This post has nothing to do with parenting and everything to do with eating. Just so you know.

I hate it when people use the word craze. It's like they chopped off part of the word. Like if you say, "This day has just been so craze." or "My god that puppy is just so adorbs." or "Isn't she a beaut?" or "I'm so excite, and I just can't hide." I'm not making any sense am I? (What you're actually seeing is the effect of sleep deprivation on the mind.)

I don't really hate the word craze. I'm just too busy picking up my brain cells from the floor to like it. So right now isn't the best time to come at me using the word craze. Right now I really really dislike that word. Craze. It's half a word!

And just so you know, I wrote those two paragraphs above just so I could justify writing the next sentence below.


Because that's what. it. is. crazy.

We went the day it opened for a late lunch. Already expecting long waiting lines, we dropped our names for a table then parked the car. By the time we had found parking and walked back to the restaurant, it was another 10-15 minutes of waiting. Not so bad. Of course I hear, as the days progressed, the lines just got crazier. (see, it's ok to add syllables, not chop them off)

Everyone takes this photo. EVERYONE.
We were greeted by an american woman who was supervising and I guess training the staff. Already a taste of America and we haven't even ordered yet.

You also took a photo of this.
The menu is a bit different from the regular IHOPs in the US but I'm hoping that as time goes on, they'll bring more and more of their items over. Sometimes we don't want our tastes catered to, we just want your american food.

Omelette with steak and hash inside.

Cinnamon pancakes.

Fried chicken dinner.
The food was really good. I'm not some kind of food connoisseur and I can't tell good wine from bad. But I love comfort food and we got exactly what we came for. 

Believe it or not, this was our dessert.
This was a real taste of America. The food is plated simply, like most americans, direct and straight to the point. No parsley anywhere! For the life of me I just can't understand what our local restauranteurs fascination is with parsley. Must we put parsley in every dish?

Spread crazy.
 I think I need more IHOP before they lock me up.

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  1. By the way, you gotta take us to this IHOP. The one here is blah. That one you got there is nice and new and the food pics look yummy. :)