Saturday, 28 March 2015

Beauty is in the arms

It's hard to write when you're constantly self-editing yourself. It can become crippling. And for the past few months, that's how I've felt. But you know, you forgive yourself and you move on. And I want to move on.

So let's start with beauty.

(Because I hear fashion bloggers get paid A LOT.) But damn I suck at fashion. My idea of fashion is comfortable. (oh man I can feel the ladies just rolling their eyes right now)

I once dated this girl who... I guess you could say she was fashionable. She wore nice things and looked put together and such. And she thought about fashion a lot as well. She was into corporate fashion, if that's a thing.

But the thing was, she wouldn't let me hug her because I would wrinkle her newly ironed outfit. I would understand if she was going to work or to a meeting. But we were going to the mall. THE MALL YO. Needless to say alarm bells started going off and the end wasn't much farther after that.

What's the point of this story? I dunno. Fashion has its place. Of course it does. And people have their place too. It's whatever's important to you. Like rungs on a ladder, we place things and box things and categorize and dewey decimal the different subjects of our lives.

Sometimes in the whirlwind of daily life, we lose sight of what really matters. I certainly have. And losing touch with this blog also made me lose a part of myself. But I see now what it means to me.

Most likely this blog won't help me much with fashion, but it will give me a hug.

Hi. It's me again.

Because Professor Richie is the bomb.

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