Monday, 2 December 2013

A Thousand Floodgates Opened

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Man, my kid just said one of the worst things I’ve heard in the time I’ve been a dad.

“Papa, take away your phone.”

I fucking died.

I’ve become a monster. I’ve become one of them. I’ve become one of those horrible cliché dads you watch on tv who live out their lives ignoring their children only to find them one day, gone, baby gone. (a wonderful movie you should check it out)

I’ve been down this road before, and yet here I still am. Self-awareness is a pain sometimes. Anyway. There’s just no excuse. And I’ve tried looking. I’ve evaluated my life and found that there’s nothing’s more important than time with my kids.

Damn you internet and your time suckage! A curse on both your houses!

So now when we play, my son gets my phone and puts it far away. It’s something he does on his own, without prompting from me. (definitely without prompting from me) And man, it hurts when I see him do that. I don’t ever want him to feel like he’s second choice. Especially to a fucking phone.

So yeah, I suck. And now I’m playing more with them out of guilt. But I think I can live with that for now. Because the more I play with them and the more time I spend with them, it’ll come more naturally to me. And I know the guilt will go away. And I’ll be present. Really present in the moment.

It really helps when I get down to their height and look them in the eyes. Sometimes I find myself just staring at them. And for a while I thought that I had to somehow get inside them. To burrow my way into their heart. For them to know me. For us to have a deeper relationship. Like I had to decipher their secret language.

But I think it’s the opposite that’s true.

My kids were always open to me. It was me who was closed. I just had to let them in.

They’re learning about me the same time I’m learning about them. And I will make sure that as they grow, they know I love them more than a job or a career, more than a passion or an art, more than plastic, metal and glass.

The only way to do that is with time. That’s why HP printers makes things easy and fast, so we have more time to do more important things. Like cleaning poop. With your bare hands. Mushy poop. You ever try picking up mushy poop from the sink? It’s hard. Maybe scooping mushy poop would be better. With your hand. I'm scarred for life.

Anyway. HP has something really cool – the HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 5525 e-All-in-One Printer.

My problem before with HP was that the ink cartridges were always so expensive, up to P1,000+ per cartridge. Now they just blew my mind by having ink at around P390 per cartridge. This is more like it.

Without a doubt, HP always had great quality prints but now that the cost of ink is much lower, there’s no question what printer we’ll be using from now on.

Also, super cool – the new printers have specially made apps for your mobile device. Apps that communicate directly to the printer, you just need to provide it with an internet connection. Endless possibilities!

Like for example, you can actually print by emailing your printer the document. LIKE A HUMAN BEING. The printer has it’s own email address. WUT.

So many cool features. Check them all out at HP

Thank you to the SoMoms and The One Core for my continuing education in becoming a parent.

Apologies to Mr. William Shakespeare but others have done worse and you're too dead to complain.

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