Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Everyday is the end of the world

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One of the things that happen when you become a father is that you remember what it was like being a child. Some people though remain children throughout their adult life but we’re not gonna go there. Let’s just hug them.

Everyday that I’m with my boys, I try to see the world from their perspective, if not from their height. As adults, we live in the big world. With every person we meet, every friend we make, every new place we visit or country we travel to, we continue to stretch our world and make it bigger.
The more experiences we have, the more we become a part of the world, the more we see the bigger picture. And the little things don’t get to us as much. But when you’re young, when you’re 2 years old. Jeeeeeeeeezzzzaaasssss.

It’s always the end of the world.


But when you think about it, it kinda makes sense. Because their world… is small. It’s tiny. Those french fries now decorating my nice wooden floor like some kind of geometric chaos modernism static performance art piece --- that was the best thing about today.

There is no tomorrow. There is only today. There is only now. There is only this inedible art piece decorating the floor. And these tears.

Multiple choice:

Do I…

a.) calmly explain to him that the fries on the floor are now dirty and I don’t want him to get sick by eating all the germs because then he’ll get an owie tummy

b.) distract him with toys/t.v./ipad/books/coloring/painting/joy-ride-in-the-car/etc. (I have many distractions at my disposal)

c.) let him eat the fries on the floor (I bet you thought this wasn’t an option)

d.) make a deal “If you stop crying I will… (fill in the blank with your empty promises).”

e.) get in the car, drive to the nearest mcdonald’s drive-thru and buy more fries. (only a 30% chance of this working because those aren’t the same fries, hello!)

f.) start raising your voice in the hopes that loud words will drown out the crying and he will suddenly come to his senses. (fyi, you haven’t a hope in hell with this option)

g.) write a strongly worded letter to the inventor of french fries and ask him to deal with my son (my favorite option)

Those fries are his world, they’re what he knows. Our world is obviously much bigger than french fries so we see it from a different perspective. We may even trivialize what he’s going through. But we shouldn’t.

We should do our best to understand all that our children experience, no matter how small, by walking a mile in their shoes.

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