Saturday, 14 September 2013

Some people you just can't replace.

The wife and I have been talking a lot lately about our son's upcoming birthday party. Parties actually. Both our children's birthdays are mere days apart from each other. This will be our first joint birthday with them celebrating. My older son is turning 3 and my youngest is turning 1. 

Some guys don't like being involved in the details of party planning. They'd rather leave it to the wife. Normally, that's what I'd do. I'm not good with details, I'm more a broad strokes kind of guy. But ever since I married the missus, she's forcibly dragged persuaded convinced me that planning these things can actually be fun. 
One of the reasons why I think we're a good team is because she, just by being herself, minimizes my weaknesses by being really attentive to the tiny bits, the minor notes, the little humors of our daily lives. 

She's a natural party planner and at one point in her life, was a wedding coordinator. She always told me that the months of planning a wedding was always her favorite part. The actual wedding day is, I'm told, best enjoyed as a guest. 

And by virtue of being married to her, I've come to find the creativity and joy in the little things people may or may not notice. In some ways, it's designing an experience, to me that's kinda cool. It becomes personal and intimate. And I guess the ultimate goal of all this is to leave not just with bursting bellies and a bag full of goodies but with knowing that every single person who came had a fantastic time.

I'm pretty excited about our concept for the boy's birthday party. It's something I haven't quite seen before and we made sure the food is going to be the bomb. We are eaters. One thing though that we haven't yet ironed out would be the entertainment part. Unfortunately due to scheduling we can't get My Masterpiece to do the awesome things they do at parties. 

It would have been perfect cuz they're just the kind of children's party entertainment that is super fun, educational and different from the usual magician or clown or guy in a Jollibee suit. And to be frank I AM JUST SO TIRED OF SEEING MAGICIANS. AND CLOWNS.... BUT I WILL NEVER TIRE OF YOU JOLLIBEE AND YOUR DELICIOUS JOLLY HOTDOG. 

That didn't come out right.

As a couple, we have always done things a bit differently. That's why we really appreciate it when people put a personal touch to whatever they're doing or creating. That's also why we love My Masterpiece. They don't take a cookie cutter and bang out party after party. Each party they do is unique because it's tailored to the personality of the family.

Fancy Star Wars do ya?
They can create a whole experience for you if you want. I mean, I could tell them that the boys are really into... say... Dungeons & Dragons (for example) and I wouldn't be surprised if they come up with an original song telling the tale of the boys as knights, fighting dragons, witches, warlocks, saving princesses all while teaching them good values like caring for one another, being brave and always doing the right thing. (sounds like a Disney movie.)

Wizard of Oz birthday mural

Have you ever seen children so behaved? Photoshopped for sure.

Yoga for kids, start them early. Avoid teen angst. Or maybe not.

The My Masterpiece Movement team! (L-R Rayyn, Anna, Kara, Andrea)

Don't worry child, it's non-toxic.

They always use live music. 

Cat in the Hat mural.

What appears to be well behaved children. They're getting really good at photoshop.

Story time with the kids as the characters. 

Giant people and little people mural. I mean, what else could it be?

Every birthday is unique!

It's like your kids went to kiddie school, played games, danced, listened to stories, learned something, did arts and crafts and then sang happy birthday at the end. I should be charging my guests cuz that sounds like the most awesome day care day ever. (To wife: Just an idea.)

So now that they can't make it to the party, does anyone have a Jollibee suit lying around?


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