Friday, 5 July 2013

My nails have been de-virginized.

No longer am I a mani-pedi virgin. I know, I'm a late bloomer. Always have been. But it took an invitation from Blanca De China Lifestyle Spa for me to open up to the idea. The idea being: guys can prettify their nails too.

I hear it's gaining popularity with men. It's not so uncommon to find a dude sitting beside some ladies, reading a magazine while they all have their nails done. And for some reason I keep imagining David Spade laughing and flipping his hair.

So is this girl-thing now a dude-thing? My nails do look pretty.

The white makes everything feel light and calm.

They did my nails and gave me an arm and leg massage. After the kind of day I had, this was exactly what the doctor ordered.

Sitting there surrounded by white, I felt extremely calm. They had some birds chirping through the hidden speakers which I thought was a nice touch. I felt like moving in slow-motion. To me, that'a a good sign. My body was relaxed but my mind felt alert and clear. We should move the office in here.

The eclectic decor remains unified.

The place was full of fun and whimsy but because it was all in the same palette of color, never distracted the eyes. As if to say, your eyes need a break too.

A horse of course. Sorry, been reading too many children's books.

Some green always feels fresh.

Silver hawks. Sorry, another 80s reference.

The place is full of rich textures.

Little bursts of color help break the white landscape.

I love the playfulness.

Rooms enough for a spa party. I can't wait to tell my dudes.

A place that cares about the details is rare.
And especially important when you're being pampered.

Couples room.  I'm calling my dudes right now.

The key to the couples room. Don't tell my dudes.

After the nails and the massage, tea! I never want to leave this chair.

Another thing I love, all-natural lighting. 

You can see the complete set of pictures on the Fatherland Facebook page.

Find Blanca De China here on their FB Page.

I met the owner Joanne who together with her cousins, is happily running their newly opened lifestyle spa. Their list of services include full body massages, porcelain facials, waxing and threading and of course mani / pedi. Do visit their site for a full list of services and prices (which are extremely affordable.)

Thank you so much Joanne and family for making my first mani / pedi a lovely and super relaxing experience. I'm so happy you left your corporate life to follow your dream because now everyone gets to enjoy your dream.

After an hour and a half of being pampered and attended to, I finally see why you ladies love your mani / pedi dates. Because for once in my life, I feel like a queen.


  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of manis and pedis! :) When I met my Panget (now the huzb) I had to drag him to accompany me, then one day - I talked him into getting a mani/pedi and ever since then he would ask me every two weeks 'Can we do our nails?' o diba? Hahaha! :)

    1. haha thanks Didi, I do think I'll be getting more acquainted with mani/pedis in the near future. Good job on getting your huzb into it!

    2. Its fun to get pampered once in a while diba? Now, since you're getting more aquainted na - you'll see the difference between those with maagan ang kamay and those na hindi. My Panget always asks me why I ask for maagan ang kamay - kasi they're more gentle. He has experience with a nail technician na super sakit daw gumawa. Hehehe.. I guess through the years, now - natuto na siya. Hehehe..