Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Sarap mag OT.

Last night, I was carrying my child to sleep. The lullaby song played for the millionth time in the darkness. That day I was tired. (Well, aren't we all.) But my left arm was beginning to ache even when I wasn't carrying my 20 pound little boy. But this was the homestretch to another long day. Normally, I'd be irritable at this point. Impatiently waiting for the boys to fall asleep so I could have some time with the wife or to myself, if our brains were still functioning.

But this time, I was the last one awake. And the room was silent, save for the tiny snores of babies floating up to the ceiling. And I could actually hear myself think. Thoughts actually stayed resident in my head instead of popping like balloons at every cry, shriek and shout.

And I thought. This is nice. This right here. I could do this.

We were alone together. My child in my arms.

This sort of thing I'm guessing must happen a lot for mothers. Traditionally, it's the mothers who spend the most time with the kids. Fathers get to see their kids after work and more on the weekends. There's not a lot of opportunities for solo time where it's just a father and his child. At least, not as much as mothers get. And that's a shame. Because if dads could experience more moments like that, well, they'd have the strength to carry 20 pound little boys in their aching arms all night.

What's cool though is that my friends in Oreo believe the same thing too. That parents (and dads too) should be able to have these experiences by spending time with their kids. They call it O.T. or Oreo Time.

Oreo wants you to start saying “Ang Sarap Mag OT!” by giving it a whole new meaning from “overtime” to Oreo Time. 
“Oreo Time is a moment of fun, togetherness, and child-like delight that you spend with your loved ones,” explained Oreo Philippines Brand Manager Hernando Betita. “That’s why Oreo, as the favorite bonding cookie of families, has taken it upon itself to encourage families to do OT or Oreo Time more often and in many more ways.”
They have a simple message but an important one - spend time with your kids and you will be strong like bull. haha. just kidding.

Spend time with your kids and our lives will be richer. If not sweeter. With frosting in the middle. Unless you split the oreo. Then it's to the side.

Gourmet Oreo why not.

If you can't get enough of Oreo Time, head over to gojackiego for more of the sweetness.

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